2022 Carter Cup Matches Owned by the RMSPGA

The 2022 Carter Cup was an example of how competitive team golf should be played.  The shot-making was at a premium, the mutual respect between the teams was palpable, and the competition was enjoyed by all.  The Idaho Golf Association amateur team was scrapy during the first round Four-Ball matches, hanging tough with 6 ½ of the available 15 points. The afternoon Foursome matches were a different story however, and the Rocky Mountain Section’s Snake River Chapter PGA crew captured 11 ½ of 15 points available to extend their lead.  The score going into day two’s Singles matches was the PGA 20 and the IGA 10.  The 30 points available in the Singles matches on the final day would clearly be the deciding factor with a serious hill to climb for the IGA team.

Day 1 morning Four-Ball results were as follows:
Match 1: PGA – Lance Rieber / Brady Nelson 2 ½ to ½ over Brian Swenson / Fran Matthias
Match 2: PGA – Justin Snelling / Travis Hofland 3 to 0 over Jason Azzarito / David Bishop
Match 3: IGA – Bob Wheeler / Gilbert Livas 3 to 0 over Jim Empey / Tyson Bowen
Match 4: IGA – Nate Smith / Jeff Anderson 3 to 0 over Ben Bryson / Tad Holloway
Match 5: PGA – Mike Hamblin / Nick Blasius 3 to 0 over Scott Masingill / Austin French

Day 1 afternoon Foursome results were as follows:
Match 1: IGA – Fran Matthias / David Bishop 2 to 1 over Jim Empey / Mike Hamblin
Match 2: PGA – Justin Snelling / Tad Holloway 3 to 0 over Bob Wheeler / Brian Swenson
Match 3: PGA – Ben Bryson / Lance Rieber 3 to 0 over Scott Masingill / Jeff Anderson
Match 4: PGA – Travis Hofland / Tyson Bowen 3 to 0 over Austin French / Gilbert Livas
Match 5: PGA – Nick Blasius / Brady Nelson 1 ½ each vs. Jason Azzarito / Nate Smith

Needing only 10 of the 30 points available to retain the Carter Cup, the PGA began slowly on the outward 9 of the Singles matches losing ground and giving the Amateur team some hope.  But a little wakeup call was all the PGA team needed.  Falling behind in Singles just wasn’t an option for the professionals and they began, one by one, running down their amateur foes.  Of the 10 Singles matches out, Scott Masingill, Gilbert Livas, and Nate Smith were the only victors for the IGA team.  By day’s end, the PGA earned another 20 ½ points of the available 30 to complete their dominant performance and keep the cup in their possession for the 4th straight time. The final score was PGA 40 ½ to IGA 19 ½.

Day 2 Singles results were as follows:
Match 1: IGA – Scott Masingill 2 to 1 over Tad Holloway
Match 2: PGA – Mike Hamblin 3 to 0 over Fran Matthias
Match 3: PGA – Jim Empey 3 to 0 over Bob Wheeler
Match 4: IGA – Gilbert Livas 2 to 1 over Travis Hofland
Match 5: PGA – Lance Rieber 1 ½ each vs. Brian Swenson
Match 6: PGA – Nick Blasius 3 to 0 over Austin French
Match 7: PGA – Brady Nelson 2 to 1 over Jeff Anderson
Match 8: PGA – Tyson Bowen 3 to 0 over David Bishop
Match 9: IGA – Nate Smith 3 to 0 over Ben Bryson
Match 10: PGA – Justin Snelling 3 to 0 over Jason Azzarito

This year marked the 48th edition of the Carter Cup matches.  With this victory the professionals have hoisted the cup 35 times and the amateurs have laid claim to it 13 times.  The top players from the Idaho Golf Association and the Snake River Chapter PGA get together every other year to compete for the Carter Cup in honor of longtime Idaho golf legend Newt Carter.  There are 3 points available in each match, 1 point for each 9 and 1 point for the 18-hole match.  60 total points were up for grabs and as the defending Carter Cup holders, the PGA needed to earn 30 points to retain the Cup.  This year’s matches were contested at TimberStone Golf Course in Caldwell, Idaho, on November 1-2.

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA and The Idaho Golf Association wish to sincerely thank TimberStone’s Host PGA Professional Tad Holloway and his wonderfully hospitable staff for terrific course conditions and an enjoyable two days.

From the left: Travis Hofland, Captain-Michael Kastner, Nick Blasius, Jim Empey, Ben Bryson, Mike Hamblin, Justin Snelling, Tad Holloway, Lance Rieber, Tyson Bowen, Brady Nelson