Luke Sestero has been named the recipient of the 2019 Youth Player Development Award in the Rocky Mountain Section PGA.  Sestero began his career in golf in 2011, gained membership in 2016, and has been entrenched in junior golf at his club since day one.

The Youth Player Development Award bestows special recognition upon a PGA Professional who has displayed extraordinary and exemplary contribution and achievement in this field.  As Sestero is the Assistant PGA Professional at Crane Creek Country Club in Boise, Idaho, his career path is dedicated greatly to the advancement and development of junior players.   His philosophy focuses on the simple premise of encouraging any junior to give golf a try.  Golf was a major part of Luke’s life as a boy and he always looked up to PGA Professionals.  Now that he is one, he enjoys making an impact on as many young people as possible. Luke has a clear understanding that his presence as a PGA Professional includes being a role model to all the children he meets.

PGA Jr. League has been a huge part of Luke’s success the last several years, and 2019 was the biggest year yet.  His promotion and development of four PGA Jr. League teams at his home club alone was a tremendous achievement.  Luke captained all four teams totaling 49 players including a team of All-Stars.  PGA Jr. League is far from the only act in Sestero’s play.  He started a “Young Guns” developmental program for advanced players, teaches individual lessons, and has nurtured a Mentor Program designed to teach fundamentals, etiquette, rules, and on-course instruction.  During his eight years at Crane Creek Country Club, Sestero has developed youth player development programs covering all age groups and all levels of play.  Luke is a fixture at his club, a credit to the association, and an example to be followed.

The 2019 Youth Player Development Award marks the second time Sestero has earned a Section honor having been named the Assistant Professional of the Year Award last year.  He will be presented with the 2019 RMSPGA Youth Player Development Award next May at the Section Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation.