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Section Information

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA is one of 41 Sections that comprise the PGA of America. Our geographic territory embraces parts of five states and includes southern Idaho, eastern Montana, western Wyoming, northern Nevada, and Ontario, Oregon. We have been a PGA Section since 1935 and have PGA members employed at more than 100 golf facilities in the Section. Currently, Rocky Mountain PGA members are employed at over 70% of the golf facilities within our territory.

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA and its member professionals are dedicated to nurturing and improving the quality of the game of golf for the thousands of golfers using our member facilities. Our PGA member professionals are responsible for conducting a variety of golf-related functions which include golf shop merchandising, instruction, tournament operations, junior golf activities, Rules of Golf administration, business management, public relations, and much more.

Because of the highly visible role at the facility, the PGA professional has a unique ability to impact virtually every facet of the club’s operation and the golfers playing at the facility. In short, the PGA professional is at the very pulse of the great game of golf.

Under the direction of a 13-Member Board of Directors, an administration staff of four and the efforts of its 250+ member professionals and associates, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA administers, directs and supports the many programs and services offered by the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation and Rocky Mountain Section PGA. Some of the Section’s activities include:

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation

The non-profit charitable organization, established by the Rocky Mountain Section PGA, whose purpose is to promote and develop programs dedicated to young people throughout the region. The priority of the Foundation is to grow the game of golf while using the game and its core values of honesty, integrity, respect, courtesy, sportsmanship and perseverance to enhance the quality of life for all young people.

Junior Golf

Through the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA conducts tournaments, clinics and special events for juniors in an effort to introduce them to the game and instill the positive life values the game represents.


The Foundation has awarded over $300,000 to college bound high school seniors within through two scholarship programs. Additionally, children of Rocky Mountain Section PGA members are eligible for national scholarship awards through the PGA of America.

Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass

Approximately 70 of the Section’s finest PGA golf clubs and driving ranges participate in the Rocky Mountain PGA Golf Pass program. Golfers are offered the opportunity to play at facilities at a discounted rate and get deals on range balls and merchandise.


The Rocky Mountain Section PGA sponsors and conducts many educational seminars, workshops and clinics for its members and the public designed to advance the skills of professionals and amateurs in the areas of instruction, equipment, Rules of Golf, and business practices.

Club Relations And Employment Services

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA provides a number of services to golf facilities in an effort to employ PGA professionals and/or enhance the professional’s position. The Section provides consultations with facilities and professionals concerning employment, compensation, job descriptions, and benefit packages.

Information Services

Rocky Mountain Section PGA professionals and staff provide answers to thousands of golf-related questions each year. These questions range from providing assistance on the Rules of Golf, tournament operations, the latest advancements in the areas of instruction and equipment, and golf course marking. In addition, the Section publishes periodic newsletters for its members and maintains the Rocky Mountain PGA website in an effort to keep members and the golf public informed on Section activities.


In its most visible role, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA conducts and administers nearly 100 events annually for professional and amateur golfers. These tournaments include Pro-Amateur events, charity events, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Professional Championship, Pro-Pro Shootout, and Snake River Chapter PGA and Yellowstone Chapter PGA Championships.

The PGA of America

As the leading force in golf, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America creates greater public awareness of the game of golf and its PGA members. Founded in 1916, the PGA of America has grown to become one of the largest working sports organizations in the world with over 29,000 Members and Associates.
From its national office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and from 41 section offices throughout the country, the PGA of America directs many programs that impact every aspect of the game. A major part of these programs includes the administration of the professional training and continuing education programs that are unequaled in the sport world – all of which are directed at making golf a better game.