The 2018 Carter Cup, Presented by adidas Golf,  was nothing less than a classic.  The Idaho Golf Association amateur team roared out of the gate taking 12 ½ of the available 15 points after the first day’s morning Foursome matches.  The afternoon Four-Ball matches were a different story however, and the Rocky Mountain Section’s Snake River Chapter PGA crew captured 10 of 15 points available to cut their morning 10 point deficit in half.  The score going in to day two’s singles matches was the IGA 17 ½ and the PGA 12 ½.  The 30 points available in the singles matches on the final day would clearly be the deciding factor…


Day 1 morning Foursomes results were as follows:
Match 1: IGA - Henry Bernard/Justin McAfee 2 to 1 over PGA  - Zach Abels/Jim Empey
Match 2: IGA - Brian Swenson/Phillip Kennedy 3 to 0 over PGA  - Luke Sestero/Brett Nagel
Match 3: IGA - Colby Dean/Scott Vermeer 3 to 0 over PGA - Fred Luthy/Fred Sutton
Match 4: IGA - Kenny Walker/Gilbert Livas Jr. 2 to 1 over PGA - Lance Rieber/Jonathan Gibbs
Match 5: IGA - Dan Pickens/Rod Skyles 2 1/2 to 1/2 over PGA Brent Fleshman/Ben Bryson


Day 1 afternoon Four-Ball results were as follows:
Match 1: PGA – Zach Abels/Brent Fleshman 3 to 0 over IGA – Dan Pickens/Justin McAfee
Match 2: PGA – Jonathan Gibbs/Ben Bryson 2 ½ to ½ over IGA – Henry Bernard/Scott Vermeer
Match 3: PGA – Lance Rieber/Brett Nagel 3 to 0 over IGA – Kenny Walker/Brian Swenson
Match 4: IGA – Gilbert Livas Jr./Rod Skyles 2 to 1 over PGA – Fred Luthy/Luke Sestero
Match 5: IGA – Colby Dean/Philip Kennedy 2 ½ to ½ over PGA – Jim Empey/Fred Sutton


Needing only 13 of the 30 points available to steal the Carter Cup back from the PGA, the IGA began the day on the first 9 only allowing the PGA to cut one off their five point lead. The second 9 was when the IGA dominoes began to fall.  Slowly but surely, the PGA team bit off pieces of the IGA lead culminating with the PGA earning 12 ½ of the remaining 20 points to retain the cup by a single point.  The final score was PGA 30 ½ to IGA 29 ½. 


Day 2 Singles results were as follows:
Match 1: IGA – Dan Pickens 2 to 1 over PGA - Fred Luthy
Match 2: PGA – Luke Sestero 3 to 0 over IGA – Kenny Walker
Match 3: IGA – Gilbert Livas Jr. 2 ½ to ½ over PGA – Zach Abels
Match 4: IGA – Henry Bernard 2 ½ to ½ over PGA – Fred Sutton
Match 5: PGA – Jonathan Gibbs 1 ½ to 1 ½ tie with IGA – Scott Vermeer
Match 6: PGA – Brent Fleshman 3 to 0 over IGA – Rod Skyles
Match 7: PGA – Brett Nagel 3 to 0 over IGA – Brian Swenson
Match 8: PGA – Jim Empey 2 to 1 over IGA – Justin McAfee
Match 9: PGA – Lance Rieber 2 ½ to ½ over IGA – Philip Kennedy
Match 10: IGA – Colby Dean 2 to 1 over PGA – Ben Bryson


This year marked the 46th year of the matches.  With this victory the professionals have hoisted the cup 33 times and the amateurs have laid claim to it 13 times.  The top players from the Idaho Golf Association and the Snake River Chapter PGA get together every other year to compete for the Carter Cup in honor of longtime Idaho golf legend Newt Carter.  There are 3 points available in each match, 1 point for each 9 and 1 point for the 18 hole match.  60 total points are up for grabs and as the defending Carter Cup holders, the PGA needs to earn 30 points to retain the Cup.  This year's matches were contested at RedHawk Golf Course in Nampa, Idaho, August 1st and 2nd.


The Rocky Mountain Section PGA and The Idaho Golf Association wish to sincerely thank RedHawk’s Host PGA Professional Marc Vedder and his wonderfully hospitable staff for great conditions and a terrific two days.  As well, both sides thank representative Jeff Smith and adidas Golf for their sponsorship of the 2018 Carter Cup Matches.