Renzi Lee has been named the recipient of the 2017 Youth Player Development Award in the Rocky Mountain Section PGA.  Lee was elected to membership in the PGA of America just last year and has not wasted any time in making an impact on junior golf.


The Youth Player Development Award bestows special recognition upon a PGA Professional who has displayed extraordinary and exemplary contribution and achievement in this field.  As Renzi is the PGA Head Professional at Lake Hills Golf Club in Billings, Mont., his career path is dedicated greatly to the advancement and development of junior players.   His philosophy focuses on the developmental cycle of people and their enjoyment in the game.  Renzi believes the younger any person starts enjoying the game, the more likely they are to play for a lifetime, and he’s not afraid to say that theory is good for the game of golf and the golf business.


Renzi was part of the First Tee program earlier in his career and used that experience to see the value in the PGA of America’s PGA Jr. League initiative.  He feels PGA Jr. League is the perfect bridge for the younger children that come out of the First Tee to hone their competitive skills before going on to High School golf and beyond.  All of this fits in perfectly with Renzi’s above mentioned philosophy. 


Combining fun with practice and play requires some creativity.  Renzi has embraced this aspect of life and uses what he calls a Game Board and a Practice Sheet which encourages the kids in his junior program to practice and bring their parents along to play.  There are 50 squares on his Game Board and different tasks to perform to get squares checked off and earn prizes.  Some of those tasks involve parents which is certainly good for business. 


The 2017 Youth Player Development Award marks the first time Lee has earned a Section honor.  He will be presented with the 2017 RMSPGA Youth Player Development Award in May at the Section Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation.