Zach Abels has been named the recipient of the 2016 Youth Player Development Award in the Rocky Mountain Section PGA.  Abels has been a member of the PGA of America since 2014 and has not wasted any time in making an impact on junior golf.


The Youth Player Development Award bestows special recognition upon a PGA Professional who has displayed extraordinary and exemplary contribution and achievement in this field.  As Zach is the PGA Director of Instruction and Junior Golf at Canyon Springs Golf Course in Twin Falls, Idaho, his career path is dedicated greatly to the advancement and development of junior players.   Zach runs instructional programs throughout the year as he has the ability to facilitate practice indoors as well as on the course.  In addition to his efforts at his home club, Zach has taken groups of children on road trips to participate in junior competitions at other courses.  Zach is also willing to lend his expertise to other clubs as he has directly helped fellow professionals advance junior programs at their facilities. 


Outside his normal responsibilities at Canyon Springs, Zach coordinates practice schedules for local high schools and is the Head Coach of the Canyon Ridge HS Boys’ and Girls’ teams.  Zach conducts a spring league geared toward juniors ages 6 to 13 to prepare them for summer competitions.  With the varied programs he offers throughout the year, Zach has excelled at making contact with juniors of all ages and all skill levels.  Perhaps the most significant part of Zach’s junior offerings come in the form of the Magic Valley Junior Golf Foundation which he developed in 2014.  Through grants, donations, and land usage from the owners of his home club, Zach was able to pursue the now fully functional indoor practice facility which children may use free of charge.


The 2016 Youth Player Development Award marks the first time Abels has earned a Section honor.  He will be presented with the 2016 RMSPGA Youth Player Development Award in May at the Section Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation.